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Our first blog

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This is our very first blog for the new website so I will make this short, super sweet and enlightening–

As I travel, cater and generally run into people, it is occurring to me there are less and less truly independent people…not only mentally independent, but physically independent. Let me explain…Mental independence means you are actually able to function 100% of the time without that leash of a cell phone ( and I and the rest of my small posse don’t care whether you have the 5s or the 6s or the droid thingy ) glued to your waste of a hand with that under-utelised neck bent down waiting for a buzz, a beep, or some irrelevent Justin Beiber tweet. This is the opposite of mental independence–this is total dependence and it really makes those robotic people look like, well, robotic people…!

Now for physical independence and its true meaning–Those in my posse have noted that when information is blathered out on the boobtube, the internet (you mean all that stuff is not always true…?), or the in-laws, and a person does no further investigation to find true truth and actual facts, that shows lack of physical independence and a total dependence on any so-called news to get your so-called facts that are mostly not so much…

The bottom line–open your eyes, look up and out at our beautiful way more than 6,000 year old world, think for yourself and speak, find and spread the truth. Simple…and at times I worry there are only a few of us left–Make yourselves known! Thank God our customers are the few and be proud of yourselves!

Till the next passion excites me, the Dave

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