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Read that Label!

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Read that Label!

I want to begin by assuming you are not standing in the kitchen in your skivvies eating chef boy r dee out of the can with a rusty fork. Know your food! This is your reminder to read before you eat. Reading while eating is also awesome, but it all starts with the label…the FOOD label. Know your food!

I have said in so many cooking discussions that the more you know about your food, the better that food will be for you. Simply tossing a chip in your pie hole without having any knowledge of the whereabouts of that chip’s birth is never a good idea! Most people freak out when told how a food product they are consuming is made; and respond with: Well, you only live once…give me another oreo!

Well…not so much!

Checking out the label of a prepared product provides you with so many options—Do I even eat this, Is there a “cleaner” option, What the heck is that, I heard this chemical additive is getting a bad rap, etc. It is very simple to look up any ingredient to find out its edibility and its origin (MSG is derived from seaweed. This is how you take natural and turn it Unnatural).

Do you know how soybean oil is processed?

Do you know what carrageenan is?

Do you know who….or what….cut your meat?

Do you know what hydrogenated oil is?

Do you know where that carrot was grown?

How about those aweful “baby” carrots…WTF

Read your labels—your life actually truly depends on it! There is a movement now to get GMOs labeled—currently not a law and that is a no-brainer in my world—JUST LABEL IT is the movement to get that done.

Live better—you only have this awesome life—Make it a healthy one!

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