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Thank You all for coming out

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This past Wednesday, we managed to fit over 80 food enthusiasts in the shop for an awesome Thanksgiving prep cooking demonstration.


We covered it all; from the proper way to cook and carve your dead bird, to creating a day-by-day cooking schedule for the week of Thanksgiving to saving yourself from a stress filled holiday. Below you’ll find some of what we covered on Wednesday’s demo:

Organize, Plan, Prep: Think like a chef!

No more: -Mystery stuffing (anything boxed that makes for a great maraca when you shake it) -Mystery pie filling -Cool Whip… -Cheap pies (they all know it!) -Bottled gravy

Apps & Munchies: Keep it simple! No heavy appetizers that fill your stomach before the main event.

Your schedule for the week of Thanksgiving:

  • Monday: -Cut mirepoix (celery, carrots, onions) -Make pie crusts, roll out and freeze. Cut bread for stuffing, seal in plastic baggie and freeze. -Roast sweet potatoes (Skin and all! Remember, there is no starch in sweet potatoes, so reheating them later will be clean and easy!) -Make crumble topping for pie -Roast your nuts.
  • Tuesday: -Peel/cut apples for pies (Take a deep breath. I know brown apples were a concern for some, but remember: when you cook your delicious, home made apple pie, your apples will brown naturally in the oven!) -Prep your sweet potatoes (remove the skin, and dice, mash or puree to your hearts content!)
  • Wednesday: -Open your dead bird (avoid a juicy, yucky mess on Thanksgiving day! Place in pan and jam it back in your overflowing fridge) -Cook all of your pies (this gives them time to settle, and for the crust and fruit to absorb the juices– no soupy pies!) -Cook/blanch your veggies.
  • Thursday: -Roast your bird -Rest your bird -And remember, NO FOIL!! –Make that awesome gravy! 

Awesome Turkey Gravy


 1/2          Diced Onion 

   2              Diced Carrot

1 rib         Diced Celery

2 cloves       Minced Garlic

2 TBSP           Butter

¼ cup             Flour

1 quart           Stock

½ TBSP         Herbs de Provence

                        Salt and Pepper



Place onion, carrots, celery and garlic in sauce pan with butter. Saute to brown and add flour. Stir well to lightly brown and slowly whisk in stock. Bring mixture to boil and add seasoning.

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