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What if I ran my company like most corporations?

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I just got off the phone with a major airline carrier and was SO proud that I don’t treat my customers like they treated me! I thought it would be a great idea to compare and contrast our “product and service” with what is widely accepted (we pretty much have no choices now) as crappy service… and fake, plastic products, too.

What if you walked into my shop and I said very confidently: We do not have your order—the computer had a glitch. Return another day and we should have it.

What if you called my shop and I said: Please hold…FOR 20 MINUTES…WTFLIP!

What if you ate my soup and I double billed you and you wanted your money back: Fill out this form and we will take 20 days to process it and our refund team will assess this and get back to you with a yes or no answer.

What if you wanted to change your catering order from 20 guests to 25 guests and I told you: Sorry, it is not within the 72 hour order change window… call back another time.

What if you were waiting outside my door in the rain for us to open at 8:00am and we stood and looked at your cold, wet body until exactly 8:00 and 1 second to open the door.

What if you got home with your carry-out order and were missing a sandwich, called us to get a replacement one and I said: Prove it…where is your receipt?

What if you came in with a gift certificate from your sister and I said: That expired…or the value is less than original.

What if you came in for a sandwich and I said: Not now…the cooks are on break

What if you came in later than your catering pick up time and I said: Sorry…we gave your food to someone else…you were late!

What if you wanted no mayo on your sandwich and I said: No changes to our product.

What if you had to cancel your catering order with us and I said: Oh, that is too bad…your deposit is non refundable.

I WOULD BE CLOSED…THAT IS WHAT WOULD HAPPEN!! Why do we put up with this crappy attitude?

I avoid it as much as I can help. My secret….? Shop, use, frequent and fall in love with businesses that love you back!

Your life will be much fuller, I guarantee, with no hidden fees, no expiration dates, and even a smile…and a dirty joke!

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